Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Repeat your Colouring in Your Outfits, or Not?

According to Angie from YouLookFab, that is a good strategy, and it's probably the most common clothing colour strategy.

Sandy Dumont, of the Image Architect, however, believes that skin trumps hair when it comes to clothing color. She believes that colours like orange do not work at all on anyone, at least near the face, if I am understanding her correctly.  She likes to decorate individuals with contrast

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pantone Skin Tones

This is pretty cool.

Humanae is a beautiful ongoing portraiture project by artist and photographer Angelica Dass that assigns colors to human skin tone by referencing the PANTONE color system. She records the PANTONE value from an 11 x 11 pixel of the model’s face and creates a background in that exact shade. Her aim is to “record and catalog, through a scientific measurement, all possible human skin tones.” Take a look at her current chromatic inventory of complexions at her Tumblr blog.

If you know what your personal skin shade is, then you can coordinate that color with your clothing, and if it is well coordinated, you won't have the color you wear adversely optically changing your skin color towards unhealthy-looking tones. Clothing colors influence the colors around them, i.e. your skin tone. Chevreul's color fringe effect is mentioned in my previous post.

The folks in the Angelica Dass project could take their pantone chip shopping with them, and see how the color chip looks when held up to the clothing. Does it look darker, lighter, or color-shifted when compared to the clothing?

I do beg your pardon

I started this blog because I wanted to develop an app related to this topic. Unfortunately, life has gotten busy and I had some troubles with my color math. So this project got stalled.

Update 2014: I have been working on another excel project, and I may be able to use those skills to navigate my desired color space. This is an encouraging development, although I still don't have the time to devote to making my clothing color app.